Friday, March 12, 2010

Third Party Lego Compatible Products

I am a die hard Lego purist.  In my creations my personal rule was the only non-Lego part I would use is string, only because Lego never provides good quality string.  Then came along HiTechnic and their deal with Lego.  Now I own several HiTechnic products and I am quite pleased with them.  I am also struggling with my personal convictions now because I really, really want the Mindsensors NXTcam-v3.

A third party product that hasn't convinced me yet to break my rule is the Firgelli miniature Linear Actuator, and that's only because I don't use a lot of LAs.  But I do think this little product is cool, and I wouldn't hold it against a builder if they used it in a cool way.

Here's a great demo of the LA in action, which I think most of have been curious to see...

Not to mention the stuff at the Inanimate Reason store and the Codatex RFID Sensor.  I tell you what, with all the cool third party products that are out there, it's got me rethinking my stance.


  1. As an amateur photographer, I'm always trying to get a great shot with good lighting, framing etc, but that doesn't mean when I get back home to crop and tweak it on the computer that I'm cheating. It's just a way to make something that's good, a bit better.

    It's the same with Lego, everyone want's to make the best build they can with Lego but that doesn't mean it can't be a bit better with some nifty 3rd party stuff. I really don't see why it's a big deal.

    If you really feel like you're cheating or something, just call it Lego(Enhanced) and then no one can complain, but I don't think you need to.

  2. I agree that purism is good, it's always nice to have a '100% lego' tag.
    However, if i feel like it would make my models better, i will use non-lego components.

    If only those actuators weren't so expensive........

  3. I have thought a lot about why I don't use non-Lego parts in my models. Years ago, before Mindstorms, there was no other products that were "good enough" to be put into a Lego MOC. That isn't so any more. There are a few that have made the quality cut.