Monday, March 22, 2010

Neat Manufacturing Process

There aren't many cool robot videos out right now.  So I'm gonna reach into a completely different bag of tricks.  I want to show you a video I found not too long ago demonstrating a welding technique called Friction Welding.  I didn't know that this type of welding existed until I found some videos showing it.

Basically what happens is they take two pipes or round shafts, put one in a stationary chuck and put the other in a rotating chuck.  They get the rotating shaft going very fast, then they jam them together.  The friction between the two shafts causes the metal to melt and creates a perfect, seamless connection between the two pieces.  It's pretty cool.  And don't worry; there are some industrial robots in the videos.

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  1. if you had a driill you could maybe get a special head for friction welding, this would be cheaper than getting a welding kit