Monday, March 15, 2010

Don't Give Up on Tinkernology!

Sorry I haven't been posting, things have been crazy. Plus all the places I normally look for stuff to post have been unusually dry for the kind of stuff I post. It will pick up, it always does.

There have been several really good reasons I haven't been posting. First and mainly, my sister and two of her teenaged boys are in town. Both are pretty tech savvy, and when they saw the Lego room, they went nuts. So we spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday building and teaching RobotC. They are absorbing it up like sponges, so it made it lots of fun for me. Plus, the older one spent most of his time sitting in front of my computer programming so I didn't get much surfing time.

The second reason is that I have been working really hard on (re)building MARVIN. I took the big guy apart and I have rebuilt most of him. He is going to be much bigger, much stronger, more powerful and have lots more functions. Yes, I have added more to the previous 17 motors and 16 sensors...a lot more. I don't have a count yet because I am still building (and building.... ad infinitum)

I am experiencing something that I don't think I have ever experienced before. I am absolutely overwhelmed with ideas and they all seem to work. I have been writing them down and I currently have a list that is two pages long. I have the hardware to make them work. I have made a few sensor purchases so I should be fine in that area too. I have spent time going thru my list and choosing which ideas are worth spending time on and which to shelve. The best way to describe what I am going thru is to watch a bunch of YouTube videos and combining some of the really good ones into one robot, then adding a few more of my own ideas. It is absolutely exciting for me and I am struggling to not spend 20 hours a day building and programming.

I can't wait to share the improvements and additions.  I think you will like it.


  1. Don't worry Chris, Tinkernology is part of my Google Reader's list of RSS feeds :)

    I look forward to seeing more of Marvin (or should I say Heinrich).

    - Xander

  2. i cant wait to see it finished, it sounds amazing