Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Name that Bot!

I have been working on the big monster for a few weeks now.  Everyone I have shown it to has asked "What's its name???"  Frankly, I haven't put much thought to it, I have been working to hard on the guts and the brains.  I have a couple of ideas, but none are really good.  I have high hopes that the video will be seen by lots of people, so I want to make sure the name fits.  The bot has 4 NXTs, 15 motors, 16 sensors and all will work in concert (so far, so good).

I would like to ask you, my faithful readers what you think.  Do you have any ideas what I should name this giant?  I should tell you, he will definitely have a personality.  Let's just say that he will be the class clown.


  1. I vote for "Roger" or "Heinrich".


  2. I vote 'Asimov' or 'Sonny'. ;) I think it's a fitting name for a bot this complex.

    Have a nice day,

  3. BOB!!! Just kidding. How about Rover? Or how about Alfred?
    jojoguy10 -

  4. Four of these name are really great (one from each).

    My first thought was Tink (from Tinkernology) but my wife and daughter thought that was too close to Tinkerbell. They have been watching that movie and they call her Tink a lot in the movie.

    Update- got the arms to move great, got the face to move, it drives around, and all the sensors are working. Now all I have to do is write the code to link it all together and come up with some actions or "plots".

    What I plan to do is something like this:
    A person approaches. They are picked up by the sonic sensor. The bot extends it's gripper and says "hello". Then it lowers its gripper. It says something like "Come Closer". Then it says "AHHHHH", puts its hands up, turns around 180 degrees and moves away. When it is about 3 ft away, it stops, turns back around and gives an evil laugh, then comes back to it's original place.

    That is just one of the many "plots" I have devised.

  5. If you want it based on Tinkernology it has to be:

    Rik Loony Gent (he acts crazy!)

    Or some other anangrams:
    King Noel Troy (needs a crown though!)
    Lego Rink Tony (can he skate?)
    Krinn Lego Toy
    Tony R Lego Kin (Tony, our lego Kin)
    Tony Elk Groin (perhaps a bit too viking..)
    King Tony Lore

  6. Dewey fits him fine!

  7. I will shoot you earthling with my acme atomic wepon! GO MARVIN!!!