Saturday, January 9, 2010

Leaked Image.

So I was tinkering around with a bunch of mechanisms, and before I knew it I was into another project and it kept getting bigger and bigger. Take Omnibot, throw in some Kismet with some Lego Lips, and this is what you get.

It’s far from being done. Right now, it has 4 NXTs, 9 servos, 3 Ultrasonic sensors, 3 touch sensors (bumpers), the compass sensor, 5 PF motors, the HiTechnic SMUX, and on and on. More will be added soon. I'll give full details along with a video when it is done.

OK, I know I said I was going to build a car factory. I still have a bunch of pieces lying around waiting to be worked on. I am trying to design a cool car that can be handled by the grippers and that is an unforeseen problem. I have bunches of Technic pieces, but not a lot of small car parts.


  1. What are those Black "rubber" bumpers in front of the Ultrasonic sensors? Are they homemade?
    jojoguy10 -
    President of lego-X

  2. Great question, and it dates how long I have been collecting Lego. This set was released in 1994 (still not my oldest set). They are bumpers. And I *really* wish they would bring them back because they are great pieces and I want more. They are that soft tacky rubber.
    They were also in this set from 1998

    There are some very similar bumpers available now, but they mount differently and are different shape..

  3. wow this is huge, can't wait to see it in action :)
    I did see the Lips part already -- great idea!

  4. It's about 27 inches tall, about 22 inches wide. And very heavy. I am only going to run it on smooth surfaces, I have already trashed and had to bulk up one set of casters.

  5. This is the most amazing creation I have yet to see you do. I look forward to seeing the end!