Monday, January 4, 2010

Lego Airships.

The other day I posted some video of Lego below the surface. Now I would like to showcase some Lego above the surface. Flying Lego.

Strapping a six foot helium balloon to a few hundred dollars of Lego electronics is equally cool, and equally as hazardous as putting them in the drink. You risk the chance of dropping the robot from very high, getting it tangled in a tree or a telephone pole, or even worse watching the prevailing winds accept your gift and running away with your prized possession.

Anyway, here are a few cool videos of people who have accepted the challenge. I wouldn’t hesitate to do this, but the ceilings are far too low in my ranch style home.

The first video is at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. The video quality is poor, but the message gets through. It’s pretty cool.

This video is now one of my favorites. It shows great innovation by using cheap garbage bags as the balloons.  Not to mention the father-son interaction is note worthy.

And probably this riskiest of all balloons, the H.A.L.E. project, which sent NXTs up to 100,000 feet (almost 19 miles!)

More can be found about the H.A.L.E. project.

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