Thursday, September 30, 2010

One of My New Toys

Just got one of these last weekend.  It's pretty cool..

(ahem, cough cough)


  1. Every time I hear about another Mindstorms fan who buys Nerf guns, I wonder why none of us has successfully built an automated LEGO/Nerf sentry yet. MAKE's blog had a post about a decent arduino-based one a while back, but the amount of modding involved looked like more damage than I'd be willing to do to a Nerf gun.

  2. Well, that is my current project. I have pretty big hopes on this one. I just spent 50 bucks over at Bricklink buying parts to build mine.

    I love getting inspiration from watching a commercial on the kids channel with my kids.

    That gun is surprisingly heavy. Plus it takes 6 D size batteries. Just more building beefy (Yaaaaah!)