Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Factory WIP

I don't know what this will be doing because it is a WIP, but I like it so far..


  1. Hi, I'm the builder of this model. The set-up you can currently see in the video is just a temporary set-up for an event in the next 2 days.
    After that this model will be changed partially do fulfil a different function (build bricks together!) and more modules will be added to supply the parts to this builder-module of the entire construction.

    The goal eventually will be to be able to autonomously build (small) models created using LDD (Lego Digital Designer).

    Keep an eye on my YouTube account as after this weekend an updated video will be posted showing this module in it's current set-up fully functioning (here only the arm functions, the platform doesn't). And in the upcoming months I will post more video's showing the progress I make as I convert this module and add the new modules to make it able to build Lego automatically.

  2. I started an project like this once, but got disinterested in the build. I think I got another project idea that I wanted to explore.

    Here is the idea that I started...