Sunday, August 22, 2010

8043-My Personal Choice

I finished putting the Motorized Excavator together yesterday.  It's a great build and it looks fantastic.  It's right up there with the great Supercars, the Backhoe, and the Bulldozer.  It also has some new features in the gearing that might be used in some of my builds.

Knowing there are some potential issues with the motors burning out, I am not running it at all.  I didn't even put batteries in the battery pack.  Right now it is just a nice static display.  In reality, I just bought it mainly for the parts anyway.  I am going to follow up on Lego's solution, as I am sure most of us will do and I know Lego will make good on their design mistake, but I don't want the hassles of sending stuff back, waiting, etc.

I can easily see why the motors burn out after an hour or so of use.  The arm extends quite a long distance which adds stress to the whole structure, mainly on the drive train.  Even PF motors have limits.

So now I prepare to take it apart and put the parts in their new homes.  The best part is that I have several new parts to find homes for!

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  1. SInce you already put it together, you might have time to take it apart and try this solution a builder on the Eurobricks forum came up with. He calls it "The Ultimate 8043"

    Check it out.

    When I get time, I plan to try this solution out.

    Andy D

    If Life Gives You LEGO, Build Robots!