Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Welcome to the Tinkernology Family

A while ago I posted about my local TRU selling NXT 1.0 for $145.  Well, it ate me up knowing that I could get all those parts for half the price of the NXT 2.0 and for the same price as just the NXT brick at S@H.  So I scraped together some money and I went and bought the last two on the shelf.  Introducing NXT #5 and NXT #6.

RobotC firmware has been downloaded, batteries have been installed, stickers have been applied, and the Try Me programs deleted.  Now it's time to put them to work.

Sorry Xander, I am not quite as creative with my naming conventions as you.  Maybe I will come out of my shell and give them proper names so they won't be embarrassed in public.

And special thanks to my wife for accepting another one of my lame "I am out of Lego, I need more!!" excuses.

And another cool milestone has been reached with this purchase.  By my inventory, I now have approximately 100,000 Lego pieces. 


  1. As Xander says " Everyone who uses Lego knows, of course, that there is no such thing as too much Lego and you can never have too many robots." The quote is a direct copy from Xander's "About Me". I firmly believe that. Now I just have to get my wife to be as understanding as your's and Xander's.

  2. Congratulations! Boys or girls? ;)

    Have a nice day,

  3. I got an NXT 1.0 when they were going cheap too but I was wondering if an NXT 1.0 can talk to the 2.0 when I tred to conect them the first one worked ok but when I conected the second one the fist one disconected

    can you tell me anything I need to know to get them to work please

  4. Sidneys1, they are definitely guys. I won't get into the details why, but they are guys.

    Anon, You are probably asking the wrong person on NXT 2.0. All my bricks are 1.0, but I am pretty sure that the physical brick is identical, so you should have no problem connecting to multiple bricks. Some programming languages can't connect to more than one brick (RobotC). Pluse Bluetooth is buggy, I am constantly fighting little problems like that. It's hard to give advice when I can't see exactly happens when you are doing stuff. But I sure do feel your pain.

  5. Hi again its the same anonymous guy that asked about conecting.
    I have an IR link sensor and I cant get that to work I dont know if you need to dowload anything or if the programs I made to get it working. Can you please tell if there is anything Im doing wrong and thanks anyway about the first question

  6. I am going to assume that you are using the NXT-G software that came with the NXT kit.

    You can download and install the IR Link plus any other HiTechnic blocks at this site...

  7. Ive got the block but it isnt working