Monday, February 8, 2010

Bop-It Idea

Having young children, I get to watch lots of commercials for toys. Plus, I get to watch them play the Wii. Tonight I got an idea that might be kinda fun to build with a NXT. I got the idea watching my daughter do all the crazy motions with the Wiimote on her Dora the Explorer game.

With all the sensors available, it would be fun to create a Lego NXT version of Bop-it. I have never played the game, but like many of you I have seen the commercials over and over.

Use a rotation sensor or a servo motor with a wheel that requires turning. Use a sound sensor to hear you yell. Use a touch sensor as a button to be pushed. An acceleration to sense twist, you get the idea. Commands could be recorded and turned into “.rso” sounds.

And naturally when I think I have a unique idea, I do a quick search on YouTube and find that someone has already done it. Here is an RCX version.

But I think a NXT version would be better with all the sensors available.

By the way, doing a little research on this toy, I went to and found that some of these toys sell for $300!!!!!!!  What am I missing????

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