Friday, October 16, 2009

Mechanical Ecstasy

I became an Engineer because I have a great fondness for moving things. Lego allows me to quickly throw together ideas and realize thoughts in only a few moments. I easy get transfixed on complicated machines.

Then I found videos from superbird28 on This person is a mechanical God in my mind. Their creations absolutely mesmerize me. I will link to just one, but I strongly recommend that you check out all of this persons work. It is amazing.


  1. Absolutely love your blog. Caught you when you first began posting. As far as mechanical Lego things, ever see the Great Ball Contraption? Amazing stuff. Check out or as a start.

  2. Thanks for the kind words.

    Yes, I've seen many of the videos. That stuff is great and I would love to see it in person. I've been very interested in getting involved with the GBC, but I live in a rural area of Ohio, USA so it's difficult to get involved. In fact, those websites are rarely updated, so I wonder if they are still active. I sent an email about a year ago and got no reply, so I assumed they aren't active anymore. Do you know if they are still active?

    I am currently (tonite) investigating doing a factory assembly line similar to this: but not quite that big. I like to build big and I have a huge inventory (4 NXT, 2 RCX, dozens of motors, lots of pnuematic stuff), so an assembly line or the GBC is right up my alley.

  3. I have no idea if the GBC websites themselves are active, but GBC does still show up at Lego shows. I am near Wash DC, and so I head to BrickFair every August. It is there, in all of its glory.

    I have seen that auto assembly line video before. Very cool. Good luck. I think the biggest problem isn't Lego, it is finding the space to do it. I have 4 RCXs and I keep buying more Lego 'stuff' by the day (more today, as a matter of fact). Waiting to empty our basement a bit of the little kids' type of stuff to make room for a large crafts table (yes, crafts, for Lego and also for other stuff my wife wants to do with our kids). Can't wait to be able to spread out a bit and just play ...