Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday's Idea

Here’s an idea that I think is pretty cool, a robot that lays bricks. Not Lego bricks, but regular construction bricks.

There have been a few artists and companies that have actually commercialized this and create wonderful works of art. Here is another link to a different company.

Make Magazine recently did an article on some of the mathematics that is required to make some really impressive textures on some walls.

I have tinkered with some of the math, and it is pretty detailed. I hope to get into this project in the future (get in line, buddy). If I do get into this project I would probably use something like dominos or home made wooden bricks to mimic the bricks and I think a gantry style robot will be much easier to construct and program.


  1. these are really very innovative ideas, with intricate but not prohibitive mathematics.

  2. the concept in the 2nd video is very good but there might be some simplifications that would make a lego redition possible.

    - Gantry robot for pick and place (As already commented)
    - Moving the gluing operation to the conveyor (or skipping entirely)

    I'm suprised the glue station isn't on the conveyor already, it would seriously speed up the process and multiple nozzles would be possible, glue guns like these can be driven with bursts from a compressor.