Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Anti "WAIT" movement.

(Trying to not sound like I am on a pulpit.)

I watch a lot of videos, mostly on There are usually dozens of NXT videos loaded daily and I try to look at the most interesting ones nearly every day. There are some incredible people with incredible ideas out there, and I thank God that we have such a utility to share. I always walk away from watching videos inspired.

But one thing that is a turn off is watching a robot with too many "wait-time" blocks. The Great Apes are fascinated by shiny things, my loving wife loves expensive things, my kids love noisy things and robotisists love moving things. Don't get me wrong, the "wait-time" block is great for debugging, but not good for final runs that will be recorded and put out for public consumption. The attention span shortens when watching an outstanding robot doing nothing.

So tell your friends to get rid of those pesky time wasters!

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  1. Humm interesting post,,, funny tho i have not noticed this myself, me what turns me off is an out of focus video! but i know how hard and how long it takes to make these (a hobby in itself) and yes the internet is the most amazing LEGO partner... not alone anymore, i play LEGO with the world!