Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Early Factory Design Pictures

Here are some very early pics of the Factory so far..

This is the pallet. The pallet is pushed along the conveyor by a lug on the belt. The pallet actually slides on the smooth plates on the side.

The stop is used to position the front of the pallet. A device yet to be developed will push the pallet from the back into the stop. The conveyor will only get the pallet near the station. It will not put the pallet in the final location.
This is the downstream view of a cell. The grey bars on the side are where the pallet will rest. The pallet rides up on them as it enters the cell.
This view is the pallet beginning to ride up onto the cell.
This is a pallet with a very early version of the car sitting on top. The pallet is in position for assembly work by the robot to begin.

Keep in mind that all designs are completely open to redesign!!

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