Friday, September 18, 2009


Tinkernology is a blog that hopes to share years of experience of
building and programming with you.

My name is Chris. I have been a fan of Lego for about 20 years and a Mechanical Engineer for 12 years. I build Technic models and RCX and NXT robots.

I have built hundreds of MOCs, but one of my favorite parts of building is working through the details. By this I mean getting the gear ratio right, making the structure strong enough, making the MOC look right, making all the functions operate correctly and so on. Every complex assembly consists of several small functions. To make the large complex, you must understand each and every one of the small functions. That is what I plan to share; not necessarily the complete MOC, but the small parts that come together to make the creation.

When I build, I typically will build the same detail over and over, making changes until everything is just right. This has given me experience, and I want to share it with you. I don’t expect that I will show you ground breaking technology, but give you lots inspiration and ideas.

I have many topics that I want to share. Some of them are;
-Gearing, gearboxes, gear trains
-Sturdy building techniques
-Storage and building area ideas
-Physics and simple machines
-Building methodologies
-Motion and energy
-How to work with sensors
-Unique building ideas
-My projects

I hope to post at least once a week, possibly more. I have tons of ideas for posts, so it may be a fast start.

I am an avid fan of robotics. Nearly every day I keep up on the state of the art robots. I spend time watching robot videos and reading robot blogs. I will share the interesting ones I find with you, so don’t expect every post to be purely Lego related. I look outside the Lego community for inspiration.

My current claim to fame is my Lego Flexpicker found on YouTube.

It has been featured on several blogs including MAKE magazine, Gizmodo, TechnicBricks, TheNXTStep, singularityhub, and I plan share many of the building techniques and my experiences with you.

The first bit of advice I have for you, is to build, build, build! You can think all day about a project, but unless you try to build it you will never learn if it works or not.

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