Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pressure Switch

The pressure switch I have designed differs little from other designs. It uses a standard cylinder, a 9v electrical switch, and a few rubber bands.

Pressure Switch.
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One major benefit is that it is very easy to adjust tension. Currently there are four bands on it (two on each side). It is important to have similar tension on each side, so if you add a band to one side, a matching band should be added to the other side.

It can't be seen on this photo, but I added a shaft inside the throw lever and a 2x2 brick on top of the inside electrical connection. This was necessary so the bands wouldn't pull the lever so far that the pressurized cylinder wouldn't have problems starting to move the the throw lever.

Adjustment by adding bands should be done by observing the stress put onto the compressor motor and by making sure that the cylinders in the MOC are operating properly. If the compressor motor bogs down too much, you may want to remove some bands. If the cylinder is not able to move its load, you may want to add some bands.

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