Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday's Robot Idea.

I love this idea, and I have been thinking about how to do it. It can be done in Lego.


  1. That's a huge inkjet printer on wheels! The only approach I can think of with LEGO (without using some complicated electronics solution) is to build a plotter, but that is a completely different process....

  2. My idea is to use 8 pf motors to "open" and "close" something to spray, lay down, or roll something onto the ground. Again, this could be done with the IRLink sensor. 8 lines of resolution would be plenty, but it could even be increased with another set of motors and an additional IRLink.

    Using spray paint would be too messy, so I am thinking about another media. Dropping powdered sidewalk chalk, washable finger paint rolled on the ground.

  3. I should have realised... after seeing what you said about being able to control 8 pneumatic valves with a single IR-Link sensor. Looking forward to seeing your progress...