Friday, February 4, 2011

My Dark Side

I admit, I have a dark side.  But it's a dark side that I probably share with at least a few of you.  It's not really even a dark side, it's just something that I have come to despise, hate, fight against and destroy.  That thing is advertising.  Advertising has come to be way too invasive and it's a form of pollution.

They pollute the sides of roads with billboards.  They pollute our homes with raised volume commercials on TV and radio.  You can hardly open a web page without an "in your face" ad.  Your inbox is full of spam.  Your snail-mailbox is full of wasteful junk mail.  It's everywhere and unfortunately it has become a normal part of life around the world.  I have actually stopped using products because of their advertising campaigns.

Here's a video that got my imagination going.  This company is using robots with ads on them to chase shoppers around.  The shoppers are forced to look at the ads because the robots are following them around and actually getting in their way.

This is where my "dark side" erupts.  I have imagined several things I would do, and I would definitely do a few of these things.  The nicest thing I would do is knock it over so it couldn't chase anyone else around and at least force the remote operator to come out of hiding to fix it.
Other ideas.
- Throw it in a fountain
- Hide it
- Deface it, as in write on it "Don't buy a..." or "I have a....    .... and it doesn't work"
- Ruin the ad.
- Take the batteries or the wheels.

The worst thing I would do is hijack it, take it over to a bench as sit with it until the controller was forced to come and "answer" for what I believe he has done wrong.

And by reading some of the comments written on the YouTube page, I am comforted to know that I am not the only one who feels this way.

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  1. I totally agree on the invasion of publicity everywhere you want to look.
    The above video, however, made me smile. The bill-board tells in dutch and french how "attaching" the car, on the add, is. What better way then to really make it attaching ! I see the humor in this and do approve because it makes you smile. If the next thing would be to have a bill-board running around to chase you right to the nearby burger-shop, i wouldn't hesitate for a minute to spill my drink, bought in the burgershop, on the bill board, hopefully making it do some nice fireworks !