Thursday, July 1, 2010

Building a biped: Another year, another robot

With the experience of the first robot I knew that the
most important thing was to make the robot light and strong
enough to allow it to stand on one leg.

The first robot (model 1) had six degrees of freedom in each
leg. I decided that I could do with four.

The new model used power functions motors combined with
RCX rotation sensors. The robot was controlled with three
NXT bricks which was not enough to control all functions
but it did allow me to experiment with the legs.

The primary goal, building a robot which could stand on
one leg was achieved.

Unfortunately by solving one problem I ran into another
problem. When you control a motor you have to know the
exact angle of the axis. To do this you have to put
the robot in a starting position of which all angles
are known. From there you can move the axis relative to
the start position.

Next time: Fixing the reset and control issues...

Here´s something fantastic...
Stuff like this used to be science fiction:

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