Thursday, April 1, 2010

NXT 3.0 Details

As if you haven't read it already, the NXT STEP has a few posts about NXT 3.0 that will be coming out in August 2010.  Looks pretty sweet to me.  Check it out.

And if the price is $125 like stated in the article, I can bet that there will be more people building multiple NXT robots like myself.

And by the way Lego Group, YOU'RE KILLIN" ME!!  Stop putting out all this cool stuff and making me want need to buy it!!

Alright, here I sit with Egg on my face.  The "trusted" NXT Step got me.  None of it's true.  DANG IT!

But just remember guys, I don't play to break even, I play to WIN!

1 comment:

  1. lol that's an april fools post if i ever saw one.. Seriously, $125 for a NXT kit?