Thursday, December 9, 2010

Antikythera Mechanism In Lego.

Being a Science Channel junkie, I watch just about anything they put on.  A few months ago I watched a special about this thing called an Antikythera Mechanism (Wikipedia).  Now, I don't claim to understand all the history of it, but basically it is an ancient mechanism that was found in a ship wreck in 1901.  It is thought to be built in 150–100 BCE.  For decades, nobody understood what the machine did, but they marveled at its extremely precise manufacture for a device that was so ancient.  All kinds of scholars have tried to unravel it's workings, and I am not sure that they have done it completely to this day.

Well anyway, someone has replicated the device in Lego, and it itself is a masterpiece.  The video shows some of the history behind it.

Found on BoingBoing

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