Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Superfail is No Longer a Fail

This behemoth is no longer a static monument to an engineering mistake. It now runs well, a bit slower than I would like, but it runs. The gearing is slower and much more rugged. The tracks stay lined up when it turns and nothing slips. It looks nearly identical to this picture too.  Now on to the next task…mounting the NERF Stampede.

I really wish there were much larger motors and axles. The torque that is needed is pretty high, even for XL PF motors.


  1. wow i like the size of that thing! :p
    can't wait to see it with super Nerf action :)

  2. Yeah, can't wait!!! This will be awesome!

  3. Have you considered that you may run in to the same problem once you add the weight of the Nerf gun and mount to the base?

  4. Thanks guys,

    Anon, yes, I did think long and hard about previous mistakes. Really that is why I chose to put it on treads rather than tires. It distributes the weight much more. MARVIN's weight was all on two drive wheel and four offset swivel casters, which really only two operated at a time. I designed the treads so that all of the weight is distributed over all of the wheels all of the time. I also made the drive train modular so I can upgrade it if need be. I didn't really do that very well with MARVIN.

    I am pushing the limits of what Lego can physically handle and learning a lot as I go. I as say in the side bar..."I have a belief that if you are not stretching your mind, your imagination and your abilities you’re not accomplishing much at all." This means that I have to fail to learn and overcome.

    Posted as Anonymous because stupid Blogger will let me create blog posts, but I can't post a comment. Duh??