Sunday, November 29, 2009

RobotC 2.0 Now Available.

After what seemed to be decades, the programmers of RobotC have announced they have finally released version 2.0. If you know anything about the program, it has been updated in the 1.xxxx realm many times and sometimes created more problems than were fixed. If you have paid the $30 for a previous version, the license is still valid and upgrading is free. If you want to try RobotC, you can download it and use a fully functional version for 30 days before you are required to pay the $30 license fee.

RobotC is my preferred programming environment when I need more power than can be found in NXT-G. I always recommend it, but the only real drawback I can say is that they don’t support Bluetooth communications between more than 2 NXTs. I am getting ready to download and install it, so I can’t really speak too much about the upgrade. In the past I have been pretty happy with updates, so moving up to 2.0 should be pretty easy and rewarding.

The upgrade can be done through this link.

From the RobotC website.

ROBOTC, a C-Based programming language for robotics
ROBOTC is the premiere language for educational robotics. It is a C Programming Language with an Easy-to-Use Development environment. It supports several different robotics platforms, including popular platforms such as the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT and Innovation FIRST VEX. Download its blazing fast, High Performance Firmware to your robot. Using its Interactive Run-Time Debugger, you can easily pinpoint the problems in your programs. Try it out today by going to the Downloads section and choosing your platform.

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