Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stair Climbing Robot

Here's a robot that at first I said "that thing is ugly" but after I saw it do what it is designed to do, I changed my mind.  It is in fact one of the more beautiful designs I have ever seen.  This robot uses several linkages to climb over some rather large obstacles very gracefully.  It's from a demonstration in Japan. It's built by Taylor Veltrop, more well known for his work with humanoid robotics, but he also dabbles in Lego.


  1. I believe this is called a "shrimp". Do some Googling on shrimp and robots and such and you'll find lots of info. I had looked into it a while back. The exact angles of the wheels and linkages and everything is very crucial (lots of good math involved---there are some good college papers out there), especially those for the front wheels, since it is the one that "senses" a step while the rest just responds to this.

  2. A shrimp 3 to be exact.
    the other shrimps have different fork setups.

  3. The inventor of this type of robot is a friend called Michel Lauria. He is now a professor at the University of Geneva.