Monday, April 4, 2011

Fergie + Lego = Say whaaa?

The other night I watched the Nickelodeon 24th Annual Kids' Choice Awards, but I must not have been playing close attention.  Seems that Fergie, from the band Black Eyed Peas was wearing a dress made from our favorite building material.  I am not exactly sure what I think about it, and I certainly could make lots of adult based comments, but I won't do that, I know I have lots of young readers.  Here's the photo..

I picked this nugget up at Yahoo! News.  That same article mentioned that the singer from the same group, Will.I.Am donned a Lego hat for the American Music Awards in 2010.  I went out and found this photo for you. 

So, do you think Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber will follow suit?

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