Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Reflection of Mine

When I was a kid, I had gotten a whole bunch of old comic books free from a store that couldn't sell them.  I remember going through the back of the books looking at all the crazy ads that they used to have, you know, the X-Ray glasses, all the spy stuff, the gadgets that every kid wanted.  But I remember really wanting one thing that I kept seeing over and over in the ads, and that was the Lego Car Chassis set number 8860.

At that time I didn't own any Lego and didn't get to play with them very much at all; maybe a couple of time at friends houses.  Little did I know that a good potion of my free time would be devoted to building with Lego and that my Lego collection would grow so huge.  Looking at this set now, it is ridiculously ugly and barely useful, but I would absolutely love to own it just to say that it was the set that got me interested in Lego Technic.


  1. I remember getting this set so many years ago, about 1988!.. by then it was several years old and the newer Red 8865 Car was just out but I got 8860 second hand, complete, and I was still over the moon! it really was a great set! yes there's probably more system bricks than technic, but it was a great set! I hope you manage to find one!

  2. This was also the set I wanted so much in my childhood... begging my parents for one year or two, before I collected the money to buy it.

    Also my last set before getting into a long Dark Age. Probably the one that kept my interest tied to LEGO.

    Not ugly at all and still very interesting. :)