Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fun With The Pythagorean Theorem

A few months ago I had a post about “You Should Get More of These” and I was talking about hinges. They let you build right triangles as shown in the picture below.

On my robot I am building now I need to make some cross braces and diagonal braces work best. I started tinkering around with the Pythagorean Theorem a bit to find a brace that would fit. I was hoping to find a brace length that would be close and if I had to “stretch” the braces a bit, I was fine with it. I created a large Excel spreadsheet using all the “A” and “B” lengths up to 50 and calculated the “C” length. I was surprised to learn that there are tons of right triangle combinations where the “C” length comes out to a whole number.

And of course you can use multiples of the numbers above such as a 6-8-10 triangle or a 10-24-26 triangle.  These numbers allow you to use even numbers when selecting a brace.  This is a piece of information that I will keep handy in the future.

OK, maybe it wasn’t THAT much fun.


  1. Hate to say this, but you've only got two 'right triangles' in your picture. The far right one is an equilateral triangle. You're really lucky that I am not letting me 6 year old loose on you ...

  2. You are right. I just got lazy and pulled a picture from a previous post but I couldn't find one that had only right triangles.

  3. Hmm..That's good article i think,we can knowing more about math..