Sunday, March 28, 2010

Marvin Update

I have been busy...blah blah blah.  You don't want to hear that, you want to see new, cool stuff.  Well, here are more pictures of what I have been working on.

The body of MARVIN is nearly done, the six NXTs have been mounted, and I am beginning to mount all the new features.


MARVIN is now 33 inches tall.  The motor count is at 20 right now, and will grow by a couple at least.  The sensor count is over 20 and rising.  I am adding an on-board air compressor and some pneumatics.  Believe it or not, (I didn't) as big and heavy as he is, he moves with no problems on smooth surfaces, the XL PF motors barely bog down.

I have been thinking about the interactivity of MARVIN.  How can the user (aka the "victim") communicate with the robot?  I have two ways I am working on.  I have built one way and it is a card reader.

The user pushes the card between the wheels.  A touch sensor then senses there is an object.  The motor kicks on and pulls the card into the scanner.  The HiTechnic color sensor reads the first four colors, then the scanner spits the card back out to the user.  I would like to program the scanner to store several scans before starting the sequences.

Breaks over, time for me to get back to work


  1. One way you can communicate with MARVIN using speech! You can use Go-Talk( which is meant for the NXT. Use the trial, maybe that'll work? BTW, AWESOME robot man! 6 NXT'S?!?!?!
    jojoguy10 -

  2. Alternatively there is RFID with each tag/card having a unique number therefore command.

  3. Shep let us know when you are up and running. Shame about the Picker