Friday, December 11, 2009

Cool Coasters

Here’s a crazy thought. Adult’s spending lots of money on a kid’s toy and making really cool stuff.


  1. Cool. I am a LEGO freak; I don't know anything about K'Nex. Are these made with standard K'Nex kits, or are there specific K'Nex models that are made for making rollercoasters?

    Also wondering how this could be done in LEGO. What pieces could be used for the cars, and what for the tracks, and what would hold the cars to the tracks, and what sort of mechanism to get the cars up the initial ramp (conveyor-type of thingy), etc. Lots of questions ...

  2. I can't really answer any questions about K'Nex. I am also a big Lego fan, and I have never touched K'Nex.

    There have been lots of people who have tried to build coasters out of Lego, but not many have had any luck. I think most of the problem comes from the square nature of Lego, it's challenging to make smooth curves that a coaster requires. Plus I think the cost would be extremely high.